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SPLY is a Danish Clinical Trial Supply Consultancy and Technology Company founded in 2017 working closely with innovative Pharma and Biotech organizations.

SPLY is driven by new ideas, fresh thinking, and better solutions.

We're providing the Pharma and Biotech industries with the smartest possible way to manage clinical trial drug supply.

Always focusing on intuitive and cost-efficient methods.

We believe all clinical studies deserve a simulation.

Expert Support and Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy based on technical expertise combined with a broad understanding of the business processes within the clinical area.

We can help you through the eClinical projects both in the planning and the execution phases, which will let you focus on your business and processes. System selection, implementation and integration are all important areas of the eClinical project where we can provide expert support.

The methodology that the SPLY team uses to execute and manage CTS packaging and logistics projects are based on best practices and years of experience from working both at the sponsor and CMO side. We use our own forecasting tool, SIMPLY, to handle your clinical supplies and IRT/RTSM system in the best possible way.

By combining the latest new technologies with years of experience and know-how within Drug development, Trial Supply and eClinical we’re striving to challenge industry conventions and invent the new forecast standards.

Introducing our first product: Simply.

Our first step is SIMPLY – a cost-efficient application for building and sharing clinical trial supply forecasts and simulations.

SIMPLY is an application for building and sharing clinical trial supply forecasts and simulations. It helps you stay in control of your IMP supply chain by giving you access to the most important data and metrics – wherever you are.

Using intuitive visuals we’re on a mission to make SIMPLY the preferred and leading stand-alone cloud application for clinical supply forecasting – allowing complete supply chain transparency for all trial stakeholders. And making sure all of the above can be done in a very cost‐efficient way.

SIMPLY will minimize the risk of stock-outs.

Pharma and Biotech companies operate some of the most complex and regulated clinical supply chains in the world and the supply chain for a clinical trial differs due to the individual character of each trial design and methodology. SIMPLY forecasts demand and inventory considering these many variations while working to improve and maintain sufficient drug supply levels and minimizing the risk of stock-outs.

We’re striving to make SIMPLY the best stand‐alone cloud application for Clinical Supply forecasting.

Mobile and available from anywhere.

In 2018 SIMPLY will be available as an interactive mobile solution for all clinical trial stakeholders including trial site staff allowing for complete supply chain transparency. Bringing us closer to our commitment to give the Pharma and Biotech industries the smartest possible ways to manage clinical trial drug supply.